The Ambassador Program was launched last year as a means for the Philippine Model Congress to engage and reach more Filipino youth, especially those based outside Metro Manila. By having former PMC delegates as ambassadors, we hope that they can share their knowledge and past experiences with potential delegates. They will also be responsible for establishing partnerships with local organizations to encourage a nation-wide effort for youth involvement in nation building and public policy creation. Lastly, the Ambassador Program gives former delegates the opportunity to help in the organization and promotion of this year's model congress.

The PMC Ambassadors have three responsibilities:


To encourage potential delegates to apply for this year’s Philippine Model Congress


To establish institutional partnerships with local organizations with shared interests and goals


To act as liaison between the Philippine Model Congress organizers and their respective region throughout the application process and until the congress itself


  1. The applicants must have joined a previous PMC
  2. The applicants must be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of PMC and its objectives
  3. The applicants must be able to demonstrate their willingness and ability to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of an ambassador
  4. The applicants must be able to provide a simple plan of action within the context of their specific region
  5. The applicants must be easy to contact through email, Facebook, text, or call