What is PMC?

The Philippine Model Congress is a simulation of the Congress of the Philippines which aims to give the Filipino youth an opportunity to band together and unitedly propose a stand to congress on what matters to them, and in doing so, be heard by our country’s leaders, increase awareness on national issues, and create a community of young people committed to nation-building.

Who is the Organizing Team?

The Philippine Model Congress is organized by a group of purpose-driven students from different universities who envision a progressive Philippines and aim to make a difference by maximizing the potential of the Filipino youth through empowerment and civic involvement.

What is a PMC Delegate?

Delegates are the main participants of the PMC comprised of outstanding Filipino high school and college students from around the country who in turn will simulate congressional debates, connect with fellow Filipino youth from all over the country, and learn from transformative speakers.

What is a PMC Moderator?

The PMC Moderating Board presides over all committee sessions. The Moderating Board is composed of the Chair, as the main presider, and the Vice-Chair and Rapporteur who serve as assistants to the Chair. Only previous PMC delegates are allowed to apply for the Moderating Board and the assignment of the Moderating Board will be under the discretion of the PMC Organizing Team.

What is the difference between Regular Bills and Priority Bills?

The bills in which the delegates will propose will be the main agenda of the sessions throughout the conference. There are two (2) types of bills namely the Priority Bills and the Regular Bills. Priority Bills are given precedence in the order of discussion whereas Regular Bills are the succeeding agenda. Accepted delegates will be given 1 month to author their bills.

Are delegates required to write a bill?

Writing bills is not mandatory. However, writing a bill will serve as an avenue for proposing solutions to local and national issues. That said, for delegates who wish to author bills, it will be a great way to go the extra mile and to voice your advocacy, as this will be the center of the debates and discussions during sessions.

How many bills can I write?

Delegates may send in any number of bills they wish to submit. However, it is under the discretion of the Organizing Team to select which bills will be approved and discussed during committee sessions.

Can I write a bill with other delegates?

Delegates who wish to do so, may co-author bills with other delegates however there must be only 1 main author of the bill. In line with that, all authors of a single bill must all be part of the same committee.

How do we write a bill?

Upon receiving your acceptance letter, you will be given the PMC 2017 Primer which will include a guideline for writing bills. Delegates need not to worry about technicalities and proper format during the bill application process as what is of importance would be the content and main idea of the bill. Delegates may also consult the members of the Organizing Team throughout the bill writing process should they need to.

What can we talk about in our bills?

Bills can be in whatever nature the delegate sees fit so long as the bill abides by the given criteria. It is highly suggested to engage yourselves in your respective communities and observe local and national issues you believe need to be addressed.

Where will PMC be held?

The Philippine Model Congress will be held in the in the committee halls of the Philippine Senate located on the second floor, right wing, of the GSIS Building in Pasay City. These are the official rooms where senators conduct official committee meetings.

When will PMC be?

The Philippine Model Congress will be held on June 2-3, 2018.

Can I have an official letter sent to my school, informing them of my acceptance?

Yes! Simply inform your ambassador of your request for an “Acceptance Letter To School,” indicating your full name as recognized by the school, the name of your institution, the address of your institution, the name of the addressee, the position of the addressee in your institution, and the email address of the addressee.

What is inclusive in the entrance/delegate fee?

A minimal fee of PHP750.00 will be charged that covers food and beverages, delegate kits and IDs, exclusive access to the Philippine Senate Hall and the opportunity to network with, and learn from, other youth leaders and distinguished speakers.

Can I have an official letter containing the breakdown of the delegate fee?

Yes! Simply inform your ambassador of your request for an “Entrance Fee Breakdown To (me/school),” indicating your full name as recognized by the school, the name of your institution, the address of your institution, the name of the addressee, the position of the addressee in your institution, and the email address of the addressee.

Who is responsible for the travel and accommodation of the delegates?

Delegates would be responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Details regarding the hotel partnership with PMC will be announced soon.

What if I can only attend one day?

Please inform your respective ambassador beforehand. However, if your absence is unexcused, you will not be allowed to attend the second day, should you be absent on the first day. Refunds will not be accepted.

What happens during floor sessions?

During the floor sessions, bills authored by the delegates will be presented for discussion and approval by the committee, a partition of the PMC delegation, and plenary, the whole PMC delegation. Approved bills shall be forwarded to the PMC Organizing Team for submission to the Philippine Congress.

What should I do to prepare for the conference?

Prior to the conference, delegates are to author their respective bills and reach out to fellow delegates once each committee’s Facebook Groups have been set up. Beyond that, delegates are highly encouraged to read the final bills beforehand in order to be ready for discussions. The Organizing Team also advises the delegates to be updates with current pressing national issues.

Is there a dress code?

Delegates are expected to comply with the Philippine Model Congress Delegates’ Dress Code policy which requires delegates to attend the Congress in attires manifesting decency and professionalism. Standard delegate attire for the conference is professional or formal attire. Details of such will be further elaborated in the primer.

Minimum and maximum age limit for delegates?

The minimum age for delegates is 15 years old whereas the maximum age is 30 years old.

What is a PMC Ambassador?

A PMC Ambassador serves as a representative of the Philippine Model Congress in the face of their respective regions throughout the delegate application process and until the congress itself. Ambassadors will also serve as the delegates’ contact person for any concerns regarding PMC. Delegates will receive the name and contact person of their respective Ambassador in their acceptance letter.

What district would I be representing?

Delegates would be representing the district in which they are originally from or the district in which they are currently residing in.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw my participation?

The PMC Organizing Team will not be accepting any refunds.

Can I apply both as a delegate and a moderator?

Applicants are only allowed to apply as either a delegate or a moderator. Only applicants who have previously participated as a delegate in PMC may apply to be a moderator. However, those who apply as moderator may be redirected to be a delegate instead, if they do not pass the moderator screening process.

Am I allowed to join if I am no longer enrolled in or associated with any educational institution?

Delegates may still apply so long as they comply with the age restrictions.

What is a privilege speech?

Prior to the start of the first committee session, delegates may opt to give a speech regarding any specific national or local issue they believe needs to be addressed.