Philippine Model Congress 2018 Ambassador Application Form
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Legislative District*
School Currently Attending/Company*
Year Level (if applicable)*
Nature of Job & Position (if applicable)*
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Short Answer Portion
Which previous PMCs did you participate in, and what were your specific roles in each?*
What are your current commitments/involvements? *
Which of these commitments do you intend to keep the following school year? *
What are your proficiently spoken Languages/Dialects?*
Can you commit to attend the entire duration of the event (2-3 days)?*
Short Essay Portion (150 words or less)
What is your personal advocacy as a PMC Ambassador?*
For you, what is the most pressing national issue in which the Duterte administration should prioritize? Explain why.*
What are your views when it comes to ineffective legislation? *
As a part of the Filipino youth, how can you contribute for the betterment of the Philippines? Please be as specific as possible. *
How do you, as an ambassador, plan to fulfil your roles and responsibilities in your region? What is/are your specific plan/s of action for your region?*
Complete one of the statements: “As a PMC 2018 Ambassador, I can_____” “I am different from all the past Ambassadors because___” “I will make PMC 2018 better by___” “I can redefine the role of the Filipino youth by _____”*
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